Mission Statement

  • The FPFA is a wholly independent, voluntary non-profit association representing independent Pirtek franchisees throughout the United States.
  • The FPFA was formed in 2017 to work cooperatively with Pirtek USA to define and address business issues of mutual interest. And thereby helping maintain Pirtek as the customer’s choice  number one brand in industrial service franchising.

We require our members to:

  1. Maintain the highest level of ethics, quality and customer service
  2. Buy only Pirtek branded items whenever possible
  3. Participate in Pirtek sponsored events
  4. Work cooperatively with Pirtek’s Franchise Advisory Council when asked
  5. Provide advice and mentoring for newer Franchisee’s when asked
  6. Understand and work within the Franchise Agreement and strive toward win-win solutions when needed
  7. Be great Pirtek brand ambassadors

Membership is open to all Pirtek Franchisee’s

Nominal yearly dues gives each FPFA member access to the combined knowledge and support of the group

We encourage anyone interested in the FPFA’s activities to contact a board member for a confidential discussion


Assure all Pirtek Franchisee’s support their end-customers:

  • In an efficient and cost effective operational environment
  • Within well defined and sustainable territories
  • With value driven Pirtek branded products and services